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Comcast is the largest telecommunication company in the United States. Comcast is known for their broadcasting network. They are awarded as a 2nd largest broadcasting network. They distribute their broadcasting system with the branding of Xfinity. They also provide high-speed internet connection to their customers.

With Xfinity X1 service users can enjoy a personalized entertainment experience. Using this feature user can watch live shows, recorded shows and other video content on their TV. Comcast uses an internet protocol technology and online cloud system to facilitate their video entertainment system. It breaks the traditional TV experience with this X1 service!

Comcast Login on Personal Computer

Comcast offers a complete package of entertainment with Xfinity. Here the customer can watch their favorite shows, movies and other video content from anywhere and any device. Beside of TV, users can also get their all Xfinity shows on any computer device. Here you can record your shows, make shoelaces and stream lives show using the Comcast Xfinity online account.

Step 1: Go to the login screen of Comcast Xfinity. If you are facing problems to get the login page then you should configure your internet connection again.

Step 2: Here is the login page of Comcast Xfinity. To get logged into your Comcast Xfinity online account you have to use the right information about your online account. At the first blank option, you have to use your Username or Mobile Phone/Email address that was used at your Comcast Xfinity account. Then you have to provide your secret password.

Step 3: Enter those moving characters without space.

Step 4: Click on the Sign In option.

Comcast Login

[If you turn on ‘Stay signed in’ option in between login process then you will get signed into your account for up to 30 days]

Comcast Login on Mobile Device

Using the mobile device anyway can watch their favorite Comcast Xfinity shows. If you have an internet connection at your mobile device, then you can stream, record and explore the world of Xfinity entertainment. Here we are using the web browser of a smartphone to get the online account of Comcast online account.

Step 1: At first, you should get the official login page of Comcast Xfinity. You can detect the original login page by watching the layout of the login page.

Step 2: Then just write your Username/Phone Number/Email address that was listed at your Xfinity online account. After that, you have to add your password to the next option.

Step 3: Enter those characters that you can see right before the last option.

Step 4: click on the Sign In option.

Comcast Login

[use the ‘Stay signed in’ option you can save your Comcast Xfinity online account for up to 30 days. You have to choose the logout option to delete your account from your mobile browser]

Comcast Login on Xfinity Stream App

If you want to stream your Xfinity favorite shows using your mobile phone, then here is the special app for this task. The name of this mobile app is – Xfinity Stream. Here you can stream all shows that are featured by Comcast Xfinity. You can also get other advanced options that will help you to enjoy Xfinity on your mobile device.

Step 1: Download the App from Google Play or Apple Store. Then open the Xfinity Stream on your current mobile device.

Step 2: Then click on the Get Started option.

Comcast Login

Step 3: After the last step, you will get redirected to the Comcast Xfinity online account login page that is specially made for Xfinity Stream mobile application. Enter your Email address or Moblie Number that was used at your Comcast Xfinity online account. You can also use the Username of your Comcast Xfinity online account. At the second option, write down the password of your Comcast Xfinity online account.

Step 4: Enter those moving letters at the last option.

Step 5: Click on the Sign In option.

Comcast Login

Forgot Password of Comcast(Xfinity)

Step 1: Go to the login page and click on the Forgot password? option.

Comcast Login

Step 2: Input Your Username and click on the Continue option.

Comcast Login

Step 3: Answer some security question and you will get the password reset option of your Comcast Xfinity online account.

Forgot Username of Comcast(Xfinity)

Step 1: After getting the login page, click on the Forgot username? option that you will find at the bottom part of the login page.

Comcast Login

Step 2: Select any element that you want to use to recover your Comcast(Xfinity) online account. Then click on the Continue option.

Comcast Login

Step 3: Provide your selected information and click on continue. You will get the recovery option of Comcast(Xfinity) online account.

Use one of those mentioned processes to get your Comcast Xfinity online account back. If you are having any problem to recover your online account then you can submit your problem in the comment section. If you have any review about Comcast and their broadcasting service then don’t forget the comment it.

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