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Fidelity(known as Fidelity Investments) is American multinational financial service provider. They provide various range of financial service, advice, and other products. Fidelity is mainly known for their investment services. Along with investment service, they also have brokerage firm, retirement services, life insurance and much more. Fidelity is headquartered at Boston, U.S. Fidelity has more than 10 regional/state offices and 190+ investment centers all over the country fulfill their customer needs.

Fidelity Login

Whatever your account category is, you can use your Fidelity online account to sync your all kinds of data and options with your Fidelity account. Here you can get all kinds of helpful options that will make your financial tasks easier. Fidelity provides special feeds according to your account. This feed is quite loaded with potential information. Here you can complain about any problem and get customer support using Fidelity online account.

Fidelity Login on Personal Computer

Fidelity account is available for all types of computer devices. Fidelity will provide you the full version of online account on any computer device. Just you have to use your computer’s web browser. Using your web browser, you can get a secure login and stay logged into your Fidelity online account securely. So, we recommend you to use your computer device to get your Fidelity online account.

Step 1: Go to the login page that is used for Fidelity online account. To get the login page, open your favorite web browser and visit the login page. If you are facing any critical problem to get the login page, then you should check your internet connection.

Step 2: After getting the original login page of Fidgety online, you have to provide your account information on this page. To get access to your account, you must use the right Username(up to 15 characters) of your account at the first option. Afterward, you should input your password of Fidelity online account at the next option. Click on the Log In option.

Fidelity Login

Fidelity Login on Mobile Phone

You can also use any mobile device or tablets also. But here you have to take a look at your mobile phone’s security. However, Fidelity account is a lot informative account that is fully loaded with your investment or other financial information. So, you should make your mobile phone security stronger. In Fidelity mobile account, there are lots of security options that will make your Fidelity account more secure. If you want a secure access to your Fidelity account using your mobile phone, then use this process.

Step 1: Firstly, go to the original login page of Fidelity online account. You can use this address to get the login page of Fidelity online account. Your mobile internet must be active to get the login page.

Step 2: Then you have to put your Fidelity online account Username at the first option of the page. At the next option, include the password that was created by yourself for your Fidelity online account. Now, click on the Log In option. If you forgot your password of Username, then you should reset the old one.

Fidelity Login

Fidelity Login on Mobile Application

Whatever your account type is, Fidelity mobile application cover online financing and other options. Using this mobile app, you can manage and control your Fidelity account and you enrolled plans also!

Step 1: Download Fidelity Investments App from Google Play and Apple Store.

Step 2: Now open Fidelity Investments App your mobile. Read the Agreement of Fidelity Investment mobile app. Then Click on Agree.

Fidelity Login

Step 3: Here you will see some options. Chose those options according to your interest. After choosing your interested topic, click on the Done option.

Fidelity Login

Step 4: Click on Log In.

Fidelity Login

Step 5: Enter your Fidelity online account Username and then password. After that click on the Log In option. If you forgot your account credentials, then you need to follow the account recovery guide.

Fidelity Login

Forgot Password/Username Of Fidelity

It’s become difficult to memorize your online account credentials. If you ever face this moment at Fiddley, you should be worried about it. Just follow this method and that’s all.

Step 1: At first, go to the login page of Fidelity. Click on the Having Trouble with Your Username or Password? Form ‘Login Help’ section.

Fidelity Login

Step 2: Before all, you have to verify your identity for getting the account recovery options.

  • At first, provide your Frist Name and Last Name.
  • Enter your Birthdate(MM/DD/YY)
  • Provide last 4 Digits of your SSN(Social Security Number).

Fidelity Login

Step 3: Click on the Submit option.

[If you are a corporate account holder and you have only TIN(Taxpayer Identification Number), then you should call at 800-544-6666 to recover your account]

So, that’s all you have to do. After this process, you will get all kinds of account recovery option of your fidelity online account. If anything goes wrong, you can ask for help at the comment section.

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