How to Change Age on Gmail Account

Gmail or Google Mail is an Emailing service operated by Google. Most of the people around the globe use Gmail as their email account. For creating a Gmail account, you have to submit necessary information about you such as name, living place, Birth Date etc. Here in this post, I will help you to change your Age on Gmail account. Follow all the steps that given below.

Change Your Age on Gmail Account

Step 1: Open your browser and search for Gmail and click on Gmail-Google link.

Change Age on Gmail Account

Step 2: After clicking on that link, login to your gmail account. Then it will load your inbox within few second and you can see your account then.

Now click on your profile picture icon that is given on the right top corner of the page.

Change Age on Gmail Account

Step 3: Now you can see a icon saying My Account Click that icon.

Change Age on Gmail Account

Step 4: Now you are on your account setting system. There you can see a a option saying Personal info & privacy click on that.

Change Age on Gmail Account

Step 5: Now at the right side you can see your account setting options. Click on Your personal info option under.

Personal info & privacy icon.

gmail age and personal info

Step 6: Now you can see your personal details. There you can see detail about your Birthday. Click on your birthday detail.

gmail Birth date

Step 7: You can see your age at full view now and an icon of pencil. Click on the pencil icon to change your age.

gmail Birthday change

Step 8: Now you can change your age. When you are done with changing your birth date, click on UPDATE option to save your changed age.

Gmail Age update

Conclusion: Change Gmail Age

We tried our best to help you with changing your age. Using above mentioned steps, you can change your Gmail age on any device. However, If anything goes wrong, you can comment your problem here. We will check it out. Hope this post help you with changing your age.

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