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Instagram is one type of social media that specially made for photos. At Instagram users can upload their photos and also add different types of digital filters on their photos. Instagram also allows users to send direct messages to others with Instagram Direct. Users can also edit or delete the sent message with Instagram Direct. Instagram primarily released for iOS devices. After two years, they announced Android version and afterward web format also. Now Instagram is also available for Windows Phones and Windows PC.

Instagram Login For Personal Computer

Instagram is especially known for a mobile app, but you want you can also surf the web version of Instagram. To get the web format of Instagram account you have to follow the login process of Instagram for your computer. Device. In web format, you may not be able to upload a photo directly from your Instagram online account.

Step 1: At the starting, you have to make sure that your computer device is connected to the internet. Then you have to open your most trusted web browser. Then go to and follow next steps.

Step 2: After that, you will get the simple login page of Instagram. You will get tow option for Instagram login. Those are Username and Password. So, use your Instagram Username that was set for your account. Then you have to include the password to get ahead. After all, click on the Log in option to get a secure login.

Instagram Login

Instagram Login For Mobile Phone

You can also get access to your Instagram account using the web browser. If you want to get you Instagram account without the application, then you can use this process on your mobile device.

Step 1: Go to the login page using your web browser. You should use this address to get the login page:

Step 2: At the login page, first enter your Username. At the next option, you should provide your Instagram online account password. If your Username and Password is valid, then click on the Log in option and that’s all.

Instagram Login

Instagram Login For Mobile App

As we said that Instagram is primarily popular for mobile application, here we are featuring the Instagram login process for the official mobile application. The mobile application will give you full control and features of your Instagram account. Here you can upload photos and videos directly to your Instagram account. You can share those content with other users also. You can store your uploaded photos and videos in a story folders.

Step 1: Go and download the latest version of the Instagram official mobile application from Google Play or Apple Store or Windows Store.

Step 2: Then just open the mobile application and you will get the starting screen of the Instagram app. Click on the bottom option that is named – Already have an account.

Instagram Login

Step 3: Then you will get the login page for this Instagram mobile application. So, just input your account credentials correctly. If you have provided your Instagram account Username and Password information, then click on the Login option.

Instagram Login

[You can also use your Facebook account to get your Instagram account]

Forgot Password of Instagram

If you forgot your password and finding a solution to recover your Instagram account, then this part is created especially for you. This process will help you to get your Instagram account back. So, use that steps one by one and you will get your most desired account recovery option.

Step 1: Firstly, go to the login page of Instagram online account from your device and App.

Step 2: Then you have to click on the option that is located on the right side of the password box. So, click on that ‘Forgot’ option.

Instagram Login

Step 3: Enter an Email address of yours that was associated with your Instagram account or provide the Username of your account. Then provide the Captcha and click on the Reset Password option.

Instagram Login

Overall, if you have provided valid and original information and verified your identity, then you should have got the recovery option of Instagram account. If not, try again. If any error occurs, you can ask for further help in the comment section.