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Office 360 is a brand of Microsoft. They sell a complete package of productivity software under Office 360 branding. Users have to get subscribed to use those products and services. With those software’s Microsoft also offers related services also. They provide Cloud Storage and Skype facility in Office 360. Office 360 is viable for individual and corporate both types of users. Using Office 360 User can use those products and services on their computer device.

Office 365 Login For Personal Computer

Office 365 online account makes more easy to manage your software’s and services. You can always manage and control your Office suite and related services using the Office 365 online account. It’s a part of Microsoft account and you have to follow a certain process of login for your Office 365 account. At first, we will introduce the Office 365 account on the computer device.

Step 1: Go to the login page of Office 360(Microsoft) account.

Step 2: Then you just have to provide your Office 360 online account information correctly. At the first option, you have to add you an Email address that was linked to Office 360. You can also use your Phone Numbers also. After that, input your password and click on the Sign In option.

Office 365 Login

Office 365 Login For Mobile Device

You can also manage your Office 365 account using a mobile device. To get your Office 365 account, you have to get an updated web browser for your mobile device with internet connection. The mobile version if as effective as the computer version.

Step 1: Go to the login screen of Office 365(Microsoft) account.

Step 2: Then just provide your account information at those blank options. Enter your Email address or Phone number in the first box. Then at the next box, you have to include your password and then click on the Sign in option and you will get the mobile version of Office 365 account.

Office 365 Login

Forgot Password Of Office 365

Step 1: Go to the login page for your Office 365 online account. After getting the login page you should click on the Can’t access your account? Option.

Step 2: Then select your Office 365 account category.

Office 365 Login

Step 3: If you selected Personal Account, then,

  • Select ‘I forgot my password’.

Office 365 Login

  • Enter your Email address or Phone number or Skype name at the first option. Then you have to write those letters that are showing before next option of the page. After providing all information click on the Next

Office 365 Login

If you have Work or school account then you can follow those instructions,

Office 365 Login

  • Enter User Id of your Office 365 online account. Then type those letters that are showing in the picture. Then click onNext.

Office 365 Login

That’s how you can get account recovery option for Office 365 online account. If you need others kinds of help then you can comment here. If you liked Office 365, then you can share with others this topic.

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