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Pinterest is a service that encourages viewers to know more information and discover new topics! It’s quite similar to a social media platform. They provide their services through a mobile application and official website. Here users can like, share new information and topics with others using their online account. It’s a nice place to explore new things and finds new inspiration.

Pinterest Login For Personal Computer

If you have a personal computer device and wants to get started with portrait, then you can use the login process for a personal computer. Pinterest is available for all computer users. You can get your Pinterest account using your computer web browser. So, start exploring Pinterest with your computer/desktop device.

Step 1: Primarily, you have to get the login page to get signed into a Pinterest online account.

Step 2: Then you have to use your Pinterest online account information to the login page. After getting the login page, you will get several types of options that are related to Pinterest online account login. At the starting option, you have to provide your Email address that was listed on your Pinterest online account. Then you have to include your Pinterest online account Password and click on the Log in option.

Pinterest Login

[ You can also use the Facebook Or Google Account to get signed into Pinterest. It’s the best alternative to the traditional Pinterest Login process. Just click on one of those options and you will get the Pinterest home screen]

Pinterest Login For Mobile Phone

As we know, a lot of web users is from a mobile device. So, Pinterest must be on the mobile platform and its true Pinterest gives an extra importance to mobile users. The Pinterest online account provides all kinds of options in mobile account that is available at computer version. To some people, it’s fun to use Pinterest on a mobile device rather than a computer.

Step 1: So, at the first step you have to get the login page. Configure the net connection and open your web browser. Then you have to visit the login page of Pinter set online account. Go to this address:

Step 2: Now, you will get the login page of Pinterest on your mobile screen. At the first option, you have to provide your Email address that is connected with your Pinterest online account. Then at the next option input your Pinterest online account password and click on the Login option.

Pinterest Login

[ Here you can also use your Facebook Or Google account to get logged into your Pinterest online account. Just tap on any option(Facebook, Google) and accept some agreement and you will get your Pinterest online account]

Pinterest Login For Mobile Application

So, here is the instruction of Pinterest online account login at the mobile application of Pinterest.

Step 1: Download the Pinterest App from Google Play or Apple Store or Windows Store according to your mobile platform.

Step 2: Then open the Pinterest App and provide your Account Credentials(Username, Password) to get signed in. If you are using an android mobile, then you will get automatically signed into Pinterest using your Gmail account.

Pinterest Login

Forgot Password Of Pinterest

If you ever forgot your Pinterest online account then just use this recovery process and you should get your Pinterest online account back.

Step 1: Go to the login page and click on the option named Forgot your password?.

Pinterest Login

Step 2: Email Address that was used at your Pinterest personal account. Then click on the Search option.(You can also use your Pinterest online account Username).

Pinterest Login

Step 3: Click on Send.

Then you will get an Email from Pinterest that will include all important instruction related to recovering the Pinterest online account. Follow their instruction and you will get the option for resetting your Pinterest online account.

That’s all Folks. If you have any question or any problem about Pinterest Login then just comment here. What you thinks about Pinterest let us know by commenting.